Arthouse Preschool, 110 W. 2nd St., Waunakee, WI 53597, US

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Nurturing your child's mind, body, and spirit through the arts.

Thoughts from Heather Murray

Art, Music, Dancing and Spanish.....Oh My!

Arthouse was created in 2006 by Amanda Recob and myself, Heather Murray.  When it was created we wanted it to be a setting where children would receive nurturing  educational experiences with the arts in a smaller setting.  

I have over twenty years of experience in educating children.  Children's brains in the early childhood years develop faster than at any other point in their lives, so these years are critical. The foundations for their social skills, self-esteem, perception of the world and moral outlook are established during these years, as well as the development of cognitive skills.  Arthouse addresses all of these areas as soon as your child walks through the door. We also accept any child at any level when they come into Arthouse.  Individualized curriculum and goals establish learning at each chid's level and rate.  

I appreciate you visiting our website.  For a longer comprehensive list of how the arts support early development visit this article.